If you're looking for a fun, unique way to make your dinner party or event a memorable one, you've found it. We hand craft our ice cream and sorbet using a revolutionary, liquid nitrogen freezing process. We only use the finest local sourced ingredients. Our dairy is certified organic and we never add any preservatives, stabilizers, carrageenan, or gums. We never use corn syrup or any artificial colors of flavors. Our "Super-premium Nitro" desserts are created instantly before your eyes. The flash freezing creates microscopic ice crystals, which results in a smoother and creamier texture than "regular" ice cream. -321 degree Liquid Nitrogen is also the only way to turn your favorite cocktails into unforgettable frozen drinks & desserts. We use a cryogenic mixer to achieve a creamy texture that mixing by hand doesn't provide.

People tell us all the time, "This is the greatest thing I've ever put in my mouth!" It really is different from traditional ice cream and sorbet.

We also serve Dragon's Breath Snacks AKA NITROPOP's NITROPUFFS - A truly unique way for your guests to experience the effects of liquid nitrogen! It's the perfect selfie/video opportunity for your guests to share on social media. Check it out in the video below.

NITROPOD brings this amazing process to your home, office, or event space for a magical experience your guests will never forget.
Are you ready to taste the future of ice cream?

We can provide catering services inside or outside, with or without our 30' NITROPOD ice cream truck. 

The Jewish Journal named us one of the 10 party vendors you need to know about!


We love doing fundraisers and school events!
Call us for a quote - (844) NITROPOD A.K.A.  (844) 648-7676
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Guests see their ice cream and sorbet born in a cloud of cold steam illuminated by color changing LED's

Company Parties

Create an unforgettable experience at your dinner party no matter how big or small.

We brought the NITROPOD experience to the cast of ABC's Modern Family


Weddings, birthdays, mitzvahs, and company parties, are a whole lot cooler with custom made ice cream and sorbet.

Maple Bourbon French Toast Ice Cream was a big hit at the Loot Crate 2 year anniversary party


We bring our liquid nitrogen kitchen to music, food, and art festivals all over southern California.