inspiration and innovation

The NITROPOD was born to create the most amazing frozen desserts you've ever tasted. After thousands of years, science and technology have come together to improve something people didn't realize could be any better. Our goal is to bring this amazing experience to as many people as possible. The process is magical and we enjoy seeing people taste the difference that liquid nitrogen and fresh premium ingredients can make. 


The company was founded by Scot Rubin, an entrepreneur who spent 10 years as a bartender in Boston, NYC, and the Caribbean. His passion for ice cream began at an early age, with jobs at Brigham's and Friendly’s in his home state of Massachusetts.

He is also a lifelong entertainer who loves to make people smile. In 1995 Scot was one of the pioneers of webcasting, producing and hosting the worlds first daily talk show about the billion dollar video game industry on All Games Network at  Over the next 15 years he interviewed software developers, musicians, athletes, executives and gamers and was co-founder of the cable television channel G4 and Executive Producer of the NFL's Quarterback Club channel in 1999.





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Jack of all trades, master of few, Bobby joined the Nitropod crew in October 2014. Brought on as a temp he quickly learned the ways of the “Future of Ice Cream.” At the end of his first week, he hosted his own catering event and the bond was set. As a former professional bassist, he wasn’t expecting to find a home in micro gastronomy. Through his passion of bbq, making sauce, rubs, pairing woods with specific meats, etc., he applied the same passion to the crafting of the finest ice cream in Los Angeles. Developing new recipes, tweaking old ones, and refining the manufacturing process to be more efficient. Since then, Bobby has become the Operations Manager, and is the smiling giant you see today.